A reflexology session starts with a foot spa, following which you are encouraged to relax on the couch. Pressure is then applied to the feet to specific pressure points using the fingers and thumbs. This treatment is said to help correct imbalances in the body and move on blocked energy. As the treatment is on the feet only you remain fully clothed with only your shoes and socks off.

It is surprising that even those who feel they are particularly ticklish actually enjoy reflexology without feeling they are being tickled. The session is concluded by a relaxing foot massage and rebalancing.

The benefits are many and include:
. stress reduction
. correction of imbalances in body
. deep relaxation
. reduced anxiety
. rebalancing of sleeping patterns
. reduced tension
. An increased sense of well-being.
. Can be a very useful aid to recovery following periods of depression, grief, loss.
. Or simply a feeling of being pampered and relaxed which is beneficial in itself