Sports Massage

I have a particular interest in helping ease muscle pain in the folk that come to me.  Perhaps I see it something of a challenge to get some length back into those aching muscles and improve both your movement and reduce your pain.  Or many be it is just how some simple hands on techniques can really ease the situation where painkillers can only mask the situation.

I am trained in Sports massage, and am able to use a combination of methods to improve your mobility, pain and wellbeing.    These techniques may result in a deeper massage in some cases, but it doesn’t have to be painful.  I work with what you want.  This work tends to be rehabilitation work after the muscles have become uncomfortable.

Sports Massage is also a very helpful means in improving your performance or mobility and in preventing injuries.  This is particularly true if you are training for a sporting challenge or have a life style that can lead to painful muscles.  A combination of having a regular session on the area in question, combined with carefully selected exercises to do at home usually leads to a much improved situation from where you can build the necessary muscles in order to stay pain free.

I have helped people from all walks of life:  artists, fishermen, dancers, gardeners, runners, doctors, those with arthritis, and those that spend a lot of time in the car for work and so on.  Sports massage is not just for the athlete it is a way of looking after your muscles to further enable you to  lead the life you want to lead.    We decide together what regime is best for your situation however long or short, regular or infrequent.

In an acute situation it may not be possible to massage for the first 48 hours.  You may be able to help yourself by Resting the affected area, Icing the area ( 10 minutes at a time say every couple of hours), Compression if appropriate,  and Elevating the affected part if possible (RICE).    If in any doubt as to the injury – consult your doctor.  If you need assistance with ice, I am able to do a short session with ice.  Ring me and let’s talk it though.